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Cornwall Climate Stories

Bryony Stokes

Sunday 21st Nov  |  2pm

1h 45m  |  2021  |  UK  |  Documentaries

Documenting Cornwall’s changing climate – and how we can tackle it.

This afternoon event features the premiere of the third film in the Cornwall's Climate Stories series, along with a screening of the the first two.


This series, produced by the charity Cornwall Climate Care (director Bryony Stokes), looks at various themes around climate change in Cornwall, aiming to attract unengaged audiences, and spark community conversations and action. The films include the stories of real people experiencing the impacts of climate change, and coming up with ingenious and creative ways of tackling it.


The first film, Under The Surface (running time 30:55), is presented by beach cleaner Claire Wallerstein, who finds out  how climate change is impacting Cornwall's marine environment - and meets the local people working to find solutions


The second film, Plenty More Fish? (running time 27:40), follows local fisherman Ben Church as he explores how climate change is impacting Cornwall's fishing industry - and what we can all do to help


The third film in the series, being premiered at Cornwall Film Festival, is Living on the Edge. The presenter is a passionate ultra runner who travels around the Cornish coast path, witnessing the ever-increasing impacts of coastal erosion, and learning about how Cornwall's coastal communities are preparing for the future as sea levels rise.


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