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Image by Riccardo Sanmartini

International Shorts


Saturday 20th Nov  |  12pm

1h 45m  |  International  |  Shorts

The best independent short filmmakers, worldwide.

A showcase of national and international filmmaking talent, featuring the most innovative and adventurous ideas from filmmakers whose short films manifest stylistic boldness, strength of form, and the ambition to use the medium in a way that resist cliche.

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Sam Johnson
11m | UK
  • Instagram

Three friends find themselves in a cottage in the middle of the Welsh countryside, where a haunting painting catches their attention...


Nursery Rhymes

Michael Kam
10m | Singapore

    1940’s colonial Singapore. A Chinese girl has to play a nursery game among English children and is reminded of her place. Another Chinese girl has to sing a Japanese nursery song for an official while her true voice remains silenced.


    The Thing That Ate The Birds

    Sophie Mair, Dan Gitsham
    12m | UK
    • Twitter

    On the North Yorkshire Moors, Abel, Head Gamekeeper, discovers the thing that is eating his grouse.



    Keith Allott
    7m | UK
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    A reclusive sci-fi enthusiast develops an unexpected friendship with a customer service representative.

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    Genius Loci

    Adrien Mérigeau
    15m | France

      An extrodonary animation describing an interesting journey


      Il Branco

      Antonio Corsini
      13m | Italy
      • Instagram
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      William is a rich and troubled teenager whose pastime is organizing dog fights together with a group of delinquents that he calls friends. When he shows his true origins to the girl he is in love with, everything changes.



      Alia Ghafar
      14m | UK
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      In SCUZZ we meet Kim, a bassist in a Glasgow band. Playing a dingy venue surrounded by art-school snobs, her now ex-boyfriend and frontman Lee included, Kim just wants an escape from the shallow scene. When Lee’s guitar is stolen, Kim feels responsible and gives chase. Racing past bustling traffic, clubbers and neon-bathed nightlife, they eventually come to a head. To Kim’s surprise, she discovers not a hard-faced criminal but a 14-year-old boy looking to learn how to play. Through a shared love of music, some fast food and teaching her ex a lesson, two strangers for one night find an unlikely connection.



      Jill Worsley
      9m | UK

        After the break-up of her relationship, Katharine Markwick finds herself alone and miserable in the middle of the pandemic. Locked down in a one bedroom flat, the madness of isolation starts to take hold, until she orders herself a companion - a one-armed boyfriend pillow.



        Jack Trowbridge
        9m | UK

          Simon is a miserable hotel worker caught in an existential loop. Doomed to carry out the never ending task of setting up a formal dinner table, he listens to a self-help tape to find some meaning in his meaningless work.

          The Elvermen

          Isla Badenoch
          14m | UK

            Shot over a moonlit night, THE ELVERMEN reveals the last of a hidden community. As the sun sets on the banks of the River Severn on the outskirts of an impoverished city in the UK, a group of men gather in a race to catch a vanishing creature; the elusive elver fish.


            Over the course of a night we experience the mysterious world of the Elvermen: the addictive gamble and stake-out amongst fathers, sons, brothers and friends. Phone calls of frustration and joy echo down a river lit by headtorches.

            THE ELVERMEN shows how a rite of passage has changed into a fight for values: of tradition, community, and a connection to nature in an environment of impending change.


            Milk Toffee

            Pulkit Arora
            6m | India

              In a little Goan-Catholic school, there has been a big scandal: Milk Toffee has been stolen from its jar. A Konkani school teacher has caught the little bandits, and is bound by Christ to tell their parents the truth. But an unexpected revelation forces her to choose between what is moral, and what is human.