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ANIMATE Cornwall

Celebrating animation in Cornwall.


Mor Media is dedicated to promoting the medium of Animation throughout Cornwall! This involves promotion on social media, screenings at Cornwall Film Festival and our yearly ANIMATE Cornwall festival across the county.

ANIMATE Cornwall is a yearly project celebrating animation in Cornwall. We screen films, hold workshops and more in partnership with CAST and The Museum of Cornish Life. Through the project, we encourage people of all ages to become more involved in the medium: be it as a viewer or a creator.

Together with Falmouth University and Spider Eye (an award winning and BAFTA nominated Cornish Animation Company), we have shared a vast array of animated films with local audiences since 2019.

Previously Screened

Garden Party | Oscar Nominated CG Animation | Short of the Week

Garden Party | Oscar Nominated CG Animation | Short of the Week

Exotic frogs enjoy a grand time in an opulent but empty mansion as a dark mystery unravels. ▶️ WATCH SHORT FILMS ➔ The most gorgeously realized independent 3D animation in years, this project from 6 students at France's acclaimed Ecole MoPa revels in the delightful play of the frogs, only to cleverly reveal the subtext of their frolic. SUBMIT A FILM: FULL REVIEW: GARDEN PARTY A Film by ILLOGIC "On paper, the synopsis to Garden Party seems ridiculous, but in reality it’s a stroke of genius as rewarding as the gorgeous animation the film is presented in. Essentially a hilarious romp featuring a group of inquisitive, accident-prone amphibians, this 7-minute short avoids hopping down the path of saccharine sweet anthropomorphism (we see all too much in animation) by blending its delicious dark subplot into proceedings. It’s a move that really lifts this short above and beyond a lot of the other films we see in the genre. Though the clever, unfolding plot was my own personal highlight of Garden Party, it would seem neglectful to gloss over that glorious aesthetic without mentioning it in more detail. From that meticulous opening shot of the frog gliding through the debris-filled pool to that incredibly textured frog rising from the plate of oyster shells, it’s the attention to detail here that truly impresses. It’s not only the frogs that are the carefully considered characters in the design though, the location feels as much of a player in the storyline as any of our long-legged protagonists and if anything it’s the conscientious depictions of the backgrounds that add that extra level to both the aesthetic and that compelling subplot. Screened in the ‘Horror: Thrilling and Chilling’ programme at this year’s Encounters festival (where it was easily the stand-out film of the session), Garden Party has been impressing audiences and juries at festival worldwide throughout 2016 & 2017. Winner of the ‘Best Graduate Short’ at GLAS Animation Festival, ‘Best Student Project’ at Siggraph and a ‘Special Jury Mention’ at Clermont-Ferrand, this is undoubtedly one of the best independent 3D animation’s we’ve encountered in sometime." - S/W Curator Rob Munday CREDITS Directed by: ILLOGIC: Florian Babikian, Vincent Bayoux, Victor Caire, Théophile Dufresne, Gabriel Grapperon, Lucas Navarro Soundtrack: Romain Montiel (Maaav) Reproduced on this channel with permission of the rightsholders
Lost & Found | Oscar Shortlisted Stop-Motion Animation | Short of the Week

Lost & Found | Oscar Shortlisted Stop-Motion Animation | Short of the Week

A knitted toy dinosaur must completely unravel itself to save the love of its life. ▶️ WATCH SHORT FILMS ➔ 🧶 LOST & FOUND by Andrew Goldsmith & Bradley Slabe "This wedding of raw craft and storytelling is quite mature here. Generously funded by Screen Australia, we’re used to stop-motion being a contained craft, executed with models in small spaces, but this film is on a different scale entirely. The character animation is incorporated into a life-size sushi restaurant set that was built from scratch, and this decision pays off in the impressive camera direction that results—the production is able to go wide and really play with perspective and depth of field in a way that is rare for the form." - Curator Jason Sondhi FULL REVIEW: CREDITS DIRECTED BY Andrew Goldsmith & Bradley Slabe PRODUCED BY Lucy J. Hayes WRITTEN BY Bradley Slabe DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY & MOTION CONTROL Gerald Thompson ANIMATION Samuel Lewis PRODUCTION DESIGNER Rennie Watson FILM EDITORS Andrew Goldsmith John Gavin VFX CREATIVE DIRECTOR Andrew Goldsmith SUPERVISING SOUND DESIGNER Ryan Granger MUSIC BY Adrian Sergovich with Jonathan Dreyfus SET DRESSERS Sophie Hayward, Laura Curtis PROPS MAKERS Samuel Lewis, Laura Curtis, Donna Yeatman SET BUILDER Sophie Hayward SCENIC ARTISTS Aimee Francis, Xin li ART ASSISTANTS Raphael Fantl, Nicholas Issel, Nathan Reardon, Michael Greaney, Eve Gilbert CULTURAL ADVISOR Kei Shiokawa CHARACTER DESIGNER & SCULPTOR Samuel Lewis CHARACTER ARMATURIST Scott Ebdon CHARACTER CROCHET ARTIST Julie Ramsden VFX ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Haley Polacik VFX SUPERVISOR & PIPELINE DIRECTOR Dave Abbott COMPOSITORS Andrew Goldsmith, Dave Abbott, Brent Cataldo, John Gavin, Andrew Montague, Toby Angwin, Damien Dunne, Scarlette Baccini, Trace VFX ROTOSCOPE ARTIST Douglas E Pope COLOURIST Edel Rafferty POSTER PHOTOGRAPHY Patrick Moran END TITLES DESIGNER Rebecca Moore SOUND MIX Dead On Sound SOUND DESIGNERS Ryan Granger, Adam Hunt ASSISTANT SOUND DESIGNERS Shane Jarvie-Kohn, Talia Raso VOICE OF THE FOX Maria Angelico VOICE OF THE DINOSAUR Marc Gallagher SOUND HELP FROM Joel Taylor and The Black Lodge WOODWINDS Stuart Byrne BRASS City of Prague Philharmonic STRINGS Jonathan Dreyfus HARP Genevieve Lang PIANO Adrian Sergovitch SCORE ENGINEERS Jezz Giddings, Damian Enemark, Jan Holzne SCORE MIXED BY Jonathan Dreyfus SCORE RECORDING HELP FROM Craig Harnath for Hothouse Audio James Fitzpatrick for Tadlow Music Laura Bishop for Jigsaw Music Song Zu LEGAL Shaun Miller SPECIAL THANKS Raphael Fantl, Tom Fantl, Dave Abbott, Haley Polacik, John Gavin, Patrick Moran, Samuel Lewis, Gerald Thompson, Justin Donoghue, Nerida Moore, Louise Gough, Nell Greenwood, John Tummino, Darryl Slabe, Matisse Fantl, Sophie McPike 7mins / Australia / 2018 Behind the scenes: Reproduced on this channel with the permission of the filmmakers.
Negative Space | Oscar Nominated Stop-Motion Animation | Short of the Week

Negative Space | Oscar Nominated Stop-Motion Animation | Short of the Week

What it means to lose a loved one told through the art of a well-packed suitcase. ▶️ WATCH SHORT FILMS: Negative Space A Film by Tiny Inventions (Ru Kuwahata & Max Porter) Right at the outset, let me lay my cards on the table—this is a nearly perfect short. I qualify that statement with the “nearly”, only because I do not believe that art is a competition towards a platonic ideal. Though our site has taken on the challenge of serving as an arbitrator in questions of artistic and entertainment value, I still tend towards relativism in these matters. Taste is personal, and besides, perfection is often incompatible with innovation and risk-taking. Some of my favorite short films are decidedly imperfect and all the more enjoyable to me because of it. But back to the point—Negative Space is practically perfect. Like so many shorts I admire, the film incorporates multitudes of seemingly contradictory qualities: at a mere 5 minutes, there is really no wasted space, and yet it is exceedingly spare. Based off a celebrated Ron Koertge poem that clocks in at only 150 words, it allows for moments of subtlety and contemplation that are so necessary in visual storytelling—those perfectly blocked shots, held for an extra moment, that drive home the rich emotional interiority of its characters. It’s simultaneously one of the most humanistic films of recent memory, but it also stars no humans. Its stop-motion animation is expressive, detailed and grounded, and yet it has no compunction about taking off on flights of fancy, segueing via delightful transitions into fantastical asides that play with scale and setting - S/W Curator, Jason Sondhi FULL REVIEW: CREDITS Director / Writer: Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata Production: Nidia Santiago & Edwina Liard Co-production: Jean-Louis Padis Original poem: Ron Koertge Set Decoration: Ru Kuwahata, Marion Lacourt, Victoria Tanto, Max Porter Puppets: Ru Kuwahata, Satoru Yoshida, Tomas Gebcyznski, Max Porter Animation lead: Sylvain Derosne Additional animation: Eric Montchaud, Ru Kuwahata Cinematography lead: Nadine Buss Additional cinematography: Simon Gesrel, Max Porter Production / Post-production management: Nidia Santiago & Edwina Liard Production Assistants: Philippe Baranzini, Walid Païenda, Fred Borja, Lucile Pellerin, Maxime Lebalanc, Juluien Renrad, Willy Fair Post-Production: Max Porter, Sami Guellai, Pierre Morin, Ru Kuwahata Editing: Max Porter Music & Sound Design:Bram Meindersma **posée et enregistrée avec le soutien de la SACEM en association avec Ciclic Voice:Albert Birney Voice Recording: Keviln Hill, CAS Color Grade:Thibaut Pétillon Sound Mix: Matthieu Langlet —Studio Providers— Voice recording facility: Studio Unknown Decoration: Ciclic Animation Puppets: Moving Puppets Animation: Ikki Inc., Manuel Cam Studio, Tiny Inventions Post production: Ciclic Animation, Ikki Inc. Color correction: Royal Post Sound mix: Eclair Typography: YouWorkForThem Insurance: Gras Savoye Bank: CIC Accountant: Lebrun Audiovisual Distribution: Miyu Distribution Publicist: Fumi Kitahara —Funding— Avec la participation du Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée – Contribution Financière Avec la participation d’Arte France – Unité de Programmes Cinéma Avec le soutien de la Mairie de Paris en partenariat avec le CNC Avec le soutien du CNC (Nouvelles Technologies en Production) Avec le soutien de la Procirep et de l’Angoa Puffin Foundation Ltd. Marcella Brenner Grants for Faculty Research Development from Maryland Institute College of Art La Maison des scénaristes Negative Space has been supported in production by Ciclic-Région Centre Val de Loire, in association with the CNC. It has benefited of the support for original music creation by the SACEM in association with Ciclic. It has been hosted in Vendôme (France) from June 2nd to September 2nd, 2016, and from December 1st to January 31st, 2017. Ciclic is a public institution for cultural cooperation created by the Centre-Val de Loire Region and the French State. Year: 2017 Country: FRANCE © Ikki Films / MANUEL CAM Studio / Ikki Inc. This film is reproduced on this channel with the permission of the rights-holders.

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