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Best Cornish Shorts


The best films from our home, Cornwall!

The longlist selected best of  Cornish independent short filmmakers from Cornwall Film Festival short film competition.  

The winner in this section is invited to Best of the Best Screening on Saturday 19th November at 10am at The Poly Falmouth during the Film Festival

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Christopher James Morris
15m 32 | UK

A Cornish speaking alien returns to earth with the mortal remains of a 10th Century pilgrim. The alien comes with a warning, a gift and a proposition.

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Elizabeth Huntzinger
12m 04 | UK

Adam walks into a sleepy Sunday morning church service, where he does not feel welcome. With the weight of original sin on his shoulders, he attempts to ask forgiveness from God. A fruitless task when he is struggling to forgive himself.

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Lethytep: A Cornish Wildlife Haven

Gemma Gilbert
10m 21 | UK

A documentary showcasing the tremendous efforts of Philip & Faith Hambly in transforming 52 acres of intensively farmed land into a secluded wildlife haven. Lethytep is a sanctuary for many native plant, insect, bird and mammal species.

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Ben Kernow
14m 02 | UK

The Howard's find themselves on the outskirts of London Society, however the unexpected arrival of a young eligible bachelor, and a Duke at that, offers the promises of a lifetime. The only thing standing in their way are themselves. Lady Howard must do battle with her cohort of un-married children if she is to stand any hope of capitalising on this once a season opportunity of bolstering the families standing within society.

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Lonely Christmas Day

Denise Harrison
5m 30 | UK

A short, dark animation about curveballs and consequences, this is a film written to accompany the soon to be released Charity Christmas Single "Lonely Christmas Day"

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A Village with a View

Joseph Inman
19m 59 | UK

In wartime Britain, a Lord permitted unused land on Cornwall’s Rame Peninsula to be built on. Tiny chalets appeared, each as individual as its owner, and the community of Freathy came to life. In 2016, with Cornwall’s tourism industry booming, the Lord’s estate announced that they own everything the residents have built over generations. The community were offered the chance to buy their own homes at an extortionate price – most were unable to pay. A ticking time bomb of eviction begins.

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Awakening from Silence

Alex Falconer
9m 19 | UK

A woman’s consciousness sparks into life, revealing the real nature of her existence, one she can no longer ignore.

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(Tebel Venyn) Terrible Woman

Izzy Wilkinson
6m 58 | UK

A short dark storytelling piece about isolation and obsession. Our story is told from the perspective of Eva, a young woman left behind in her sleepy coastal village by the death of her best friend, Cassandra. Still reeling from the sudden tragedy, Eva discovers something dark residing in the waters that surround her community, after forming an abnormal affinity with the creature Eva then begins to blur the line between good and evil.

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Mab Hudel

Edward Rowe
11m 41  | UK

Enys is a young man who lives and works on a farm with his widowed mother and his grandmother. Like his dead father, Enys is an exceptional rugby player and leads his team to the final of The Cornwall Cup. Not only does Enys have the pressure of filling his dad's boots both on the farm and the rugby field, he is wrestling with a new relationship he is desperate to keep a secret.

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