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Best Experimental Videos


The best of experimental film!

The longlist of experimental short-film entries at this year's festival.

The winner in this section is invited to Best of the Best Screening on Saturday 19th November at 10am at The Poly Falmouth during the Film Festival

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the great dog, Pan

Toby Parker Rees
9m 29 sec | UK

A film about rewilding yourself and living with things – panic and animals in particular. An anxious woman must explain the strange and possibly Faustian relationship she has with her therapy dog. Shot in two continuous long takes, with cuts between angles dictated by which lens the performer looks into. Featuring cameraless 16mm hand-processed in a foraged elderberry developer (panpipes were traditionally made with hollow elder twigs).

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The 7 Rituals of Hesitance and Fortitude

Devised and Performed by Melanie Young & Caroline Sabanche
Filmed by Gil Ratcliffe
19m 50 | UK

An atmospheric journey of The Splendid Sisters as they navigate the mysterious journey through grief to resolution.

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Tony Hill
1m 12 | UK

A woman walks and starts to turn. She continues to turn in different places as we follow, impossibly locked on to her body. Finally floating above her as she turns and walks away.

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Pirates Booty

Ellen Morrow
4m 17 | UK

Experimental film of a surf mission on the north coast of Cornwall

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These Shoes

Gavin Nicol & Fred Williams
1m 50 | UK

A refugee's journey to find a better place. Created by two St.Ives-born artists as a fund-raiser for NGOs supporting refugees in Northern France, following time spent on the front line.

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Donsya Mordros

Bunny Marie Ladd
7m 28 | UK

The film abstractly reflects my folktale; 'Donsya Mordros' that begins as a story where sea foam crawls over itself to the shoreline and as the night is introduced it bursts and bubbles in a spectacle until the whole shoreline is bordered by ‘Geys’, the Cornish language word for ‘Jesters’ and perform Guize (deriving from Cornish language word ‘Geys’) dancing to celebrate the Mordros, a Cornish term meaning the 'sound of the sea.' in the spirit of pre-enlightenment narrative, I wanted to create an almost climactic, operatic, Fiesta of Cornwall that could work as both, an intimate relationship with the viewer and their own mind but also as a tale that creates a shared appreciation within a community, for the community. It was important to represent the encompassing lineage of the Cornish character alongside the staggering, natural beauty that gives Cornwall the sense of other; that means it has the unique heritage of folklore, recording our home and our people. Donsya Mordros is my contribution.

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Justė Rutkauskaitė
13m 36 | UK

An experimental documentary based on the question: what would one do in the last 24 hours before the end of the world? As a group of contributors try to confront the thought of absolute finality through a set of interviews, their answers come alive as intersecting vignettes. Six unlikely characters contemplate their own individual end.

Screenshot 2022-10-31 233659.jpeg

Behind the Roads

Frankie Lewis
4m 49 | UK

A Queer, Magical Realist Coming-of-Age Drama set against the wild landscapes of the Cornish Riviera. A rigid yet ambitious Creative Writing student must take the love she discovers in one of her characters and turn it to her dysfunctional parents in order to end her dry spell, cure her depression and meet her university deadlines.


Optician's Daughter 

Linda Ward
4m 21  | UK

Optician's Daughter is an exploration of looking. The camera is used to both reveal and conceal the mysterious layers of light and colour in the filmmaker’s environment, leading all the time, moment by moment to a sense of visual meaning. The playful and disturbing music accompaniment underscores a sense of yearning and loss. The daughter looks slowly and illuminates the possibilities which remain wrapped in a sublime tension of being and possibility.

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Sleep-scavenging from below

Bethanie Honey Clayton
7m 29  | UK

An artistic combination of stop-motion animation, poetry, and live-action footage gathered from the winter lockdown of 2021. The film touches on non-anthropocentric perspectives as I retreat into my dreams during lockdown, on the edge of a nightmarish realm of climate catastrophe.

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