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Film Student

Screen Stars of Tomorrow



1h 45m  |  UK  |  Shorts

Encouraging young filmmakers.

See the selected Screen Stars of Tomorrow independent short filmmakers from Cornwall Film Festival short film competition

Screen Stars of Tomorrow is an extraordinarily talent-rich programme from 16-18-year-olds in Cornwall. Content is invited from FE Colleges and schools in Cornwall, judged, and selected work is listed below.  


 The best short film is awarded the Rising Star award and invited to be screened in the Best of the Best on Saturday 19th November at 10am at The Poly Falmouth during the Film Festival

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The Mule Runner

Dylan Power, Josh Levens

A teenage boy is a Mule (a person who transports drugs from one area to another) and how we follow his journey to get to a drop off point. The problem of the story happens when he is diverted from the planned route because of complications, so now he must travel between the neighborhood houses not to get spotted by the police and must make it to the drop off point.

No Place Like Home

Jessica James

A poetic/observational documentary about people's feelings towards the contrast between urban and rural locations and how and why people might have preferences for one type of location.

Whisper Woods

Kaiya Bird

A simple story of about a group of characters who become friends in the woods. All these characters are fictional, they are mythical Tim Burton styled like animals and monsters.


Isaac Prior

This film tells the story of the conflict between the titular Greunaval and his pursuer Ankow. The character of Greunaval is inspired by the hindu asura/demon Raktabija whose drop of blood reaching the floor would create a clone.

A Drag Queen Story

Arianne Davies

Jack shares his insightful story of growing up in Cornwall and the limitations he felt, and how he left the county to embrace his career as a Drag artist and performer.

Identity Theft

Shay Crowe

A mission is in hand but becomes complicated when things aren't what they first seemed.


Arianne Davies

An escalation in poor mental health due to forgotten medication results in some dramatic outcomes.


Shay Crowe

An upbeat energetic promotional video for fictional clothing company Joose.

MAZZA x WOT slowthai

Derry Homer

A deliberately over stylized edit inspired by Cole Bennett incorporating UK rap codes and conventions.

Christmas Thi-Eve

Earle, Kai, Ira

After multiple break-ins, the date has been set to confront the thieve on Christmas Eve!

British Bombs

Arianne Davies

A topical and entertaining music video in light of Covid and it's ever changing and confusing lockdown rules... Planned, filmed and edited in three weeks of yet another UK lockdown by a 17 year old FE student.

The Homet

Cristo Croker

Coming soon.

The St Tudy Inn

Finn Brown

Punctuated with poetry this insightful documentary explores the personal experience of Julie; a housekeeper of the local pub.

Wishing We Could Go Back

Kian Radford

An entertaining music video that reflects on the nostalgic charm of our care free youth!

Pushed Past The Limit

Dan Smith

Devastated by the loss and betrayal of his lover our protagonist is pushed past the limit to destructive decisions.

If I Tell You A Secret Are You Gonna Kill Me?

Ollie Greenhalgh

A student music video.

The Paranoid Android

Charlie Wilson

A dystopian tale of human-technology evolving to support medicine and the implications resulting in an ostracised society.


Charlie Sturrock

Colin is a celebrity Masterchef winner with a difference - he’s a troll with furry ears, bushy tail and a powder keg temper. His restaurant ventures never quite take off as he can’t resist annoying everyone he meets, not helped by the fact that his assistant, cousin Kevin, is monumentally dim

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