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South West Regional Shorts


The longlist of the best regional short films.

The best films from the South-West submitted to this years short film competition!

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Hunros Jorna

Mickey Smith and Allan Wilson
19m 07 | UK

An experimental Cornish language film by Allan Wilson & Mickey Smith. Translated & voiced in Kernewek by Gwenno Saunders. Across two decades a clan of curious misfits illuminated the frost bitten frontiers of North Atlantic salt. A pack of strays with a rare eye for heavy water, a halcyon era of exploration & camaraderie in the cold. From the supernatural alchemy of Kernow to the raw majesty of Eire, ‘HUNROS JORNA’ recalls a lifetime of human hearts bewitched by the endless sea.

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A Woman Walks Into a Bank

Tom Brennan
13m 51 | UK

Inspired by the wild true story of the Patty Hearst kidnapping, ‘A Woman Walks into a Bank’ is about a young woman’s journey from normality to extremism and back again. Fusing documentary and imagined encounters, the film attempts to raise questions about the flexibility of belief and identity.

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Placenta Pâté

Tia Salisbury
12m 33 | UK

New mum Libby has breastfeeding woes, but when her wife, Erin suggests a traditional placenta remedy is the answer, underlying tensions rear their head and it's not just the kitchen getting messy.

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Confession Day

Ben Hooton
18m 43  | UK

In the valley of the Black Mountains, Aled must bury his father, and help his mother find peace. An outsider in a tight mining community, Bethan reveals what really happened the night Llewelyn died. The will of a father, broken by the courage of a son.

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Rebecca Rose
18m 57 | UK

A family comes to terms with tragic loss, exploring the psychological and practical implications. It raises awareness of the under-reported social issue of mental health in rural settings and how conversations about feelings prevent a spiral towards suicide.

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Dean Puckett
5m 45 | UK

Seagull is a recovering drug addict who is about to have a very strange night.

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Kit Kelsey
13m 26 | UK

An artist struggles to create his next painting so he decides to go fishing with a friend. On the trip he ends up learning things about himself that he never expected to encounter.

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Joe Was 'Ere

Ryan Williams Morris
12m 54 | UK

This is the story of Joe, an 11 year old boy who dreams of an idyllic relationship with his mother. Set on a council estate, Joe spends his days longingly watching other families and daydreaming of what could be. In reality, Joe’s home is often full of drug pushers and addicts, a real party house.

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From The River

Paul Lee Mulraney
18m | UK

From the River tells the story of a unique and fascinating place - Sailor's Creek in Cornwall - exploring what happens when the romantic ideal of living outside of societal norms meets the harsh realities of modern life, and the harsher realities of nature.

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Funeral of a Marriage Counsellor

Ronit Meranda
13m 20 | UK

Following the sudden death of their long-term and much-too-depended-upon counsellor, a couple in their 50s take a chaotic stab at rebalancing their relationship, while grappling with their own mortality.

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