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Not-So-Merry Christmas Movies

Love Actually (2004)

Christmas season is upon us! After feasting and unwrapping all the presents, there’s nothing like a heartwarming Christmas movie to celebrate the holidays with your family and friends. Beloved classics like Home Alone (1990) and It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) are among the most popular Christmas movies we rewatch every year. But what about less popular movies? Or overrated ones?

We asked our social media followers and our team at Mor Media to pick their least favourite Christmas movies. Their choices made for an impressive and diverse collection of critically acclaimed films as well as terribly rated movies.

Our festival director Louise Fox adamantly declared Die Hard (1988) the worst Christmas movie ever made. While the film launched a multi-million-dollar action franchise and gave us Alan Rickman as the iconic villain Hans Gruber, it may not truly encapsulate the Christmas spirit for some. Similarly, some of our social media followers picked Elf (2003) as their least favourite Christmas film. Starring Will Ferrell as Buddy, the family movie appeals to children all around the world yet may not be particularly favoured by those who dislike its comedic style.