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On Writing

Writing is... hard.

Despite being considered a born gift, anybody that has tried to write a significant piece of writing (e.g a novel) knows that writing is hard.

Of course, that's an understatement and not an example of my greatest writing. But, truly, I am clueless as to where the image of a natural-born writer came from. The stereotypical image of an author born with a natural gift is far removed from reality, but it doesn't mean that we can't all become fantastic best-selling novelists and poets.

The great names in writing have all detailed just how long it took them to become proficient writers. Many prolific authors of the past and present have claimed to not see much strength in their own abilities. George R R Martin to this day is publicly self-patronising about his own writing process and progress.

I've put together a small collection of books and other resources to aid you in your own writing journey. No matter your desired end product: be it an article, poetry or novel, these should all prove useful. Mor Media also offers a wide variety of writing courses to help you develop your craft, which you can browse here.


On Writing - Stephen King

Stephen King's 'On Writing'

It seems obvious that these days, Stephen King's name has become synonymous with both horror fiction and film. King's career has spanned five decades since the instant success of his debut novel Carrie. But did you know that he threw an initial draft in the trash, which his wife later recovered and encouraged him to publish? Sometimes we all need a bit of encouragement, which King provides in spades in 'On Writing'. It serves as part instructive manual and part memoir.

In The Margins - Elena Ferrante

Elena Ferrante's 'In The Margins'

The mysterious Italian novelist Elena Ferrante has been a favourite for years but reached new levels of fame with the recent release of Maggie Gyllenhaal's adaptation of her novel 'The Lost Daughter'. Her novels have reached a cult status that we aspiring authors could only dream of. For the first time, Ferrante has compiled her thoughts on reading and writing, compiling them in her recent 'In The Margins'.

The Forest for the Trees - Betsy Lerner

Betsy Lerner's 'The Forest for the Trees'

Betsy Lerner's book 'The Forest for the Trees' is unique on this list. Instead of simply documenting tips on writing, it explores the world of publishing through Lerner's own experiences as an editor. This fantastic book serves as motivation for its readers and encourages writers to have less doubt in their craft.


Online Resources

There are some fantastic resources available online for those that want some quick help. Here is a short but sweet list:

  • Alexa Donne is a fantastic YA author who shares writing tips and publishing industry information regularly on her Youtube channel.

  • Bestselling fantasy author Brandon Sanderson has started posting incredibly frequently on his own Youtube channel, providing fantastic insight on his own work and the wider industry.

  • Penguin Random House has written a list of the best books about writing, which you can find here.

  • The late Joan Didion wrote a fantastic piece for Literary Hub about why she writes, which you can read here.


Explore our wide variety of workshops to help you develop your craft. If you are 18+ and a Cornish Resident, you are entitled to one FREE workshop, which you can browse here.

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