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The Empowering Art of Animation

The evolution of animation on our screens in the last 20 years alone is mesmerising. Have you seen Toy Story 1 compared to Toy Story 4?! Not even in the same universe of quality!

Growing up, like every kid I loved animation. My dad introduced me to films, but the one that forever sticks out for us both is Wallace and Gromit. The first thing I did when I found out Aardman are creating a new one for 2024 was ring my old dad haha, we were ecstatic! Nostaligia is one of the most heartwarming but heartbreaking emotions we feel as humans, the longing for times we want to return to. My dad and i used to watch Wallace and Gromit all the time, now we are lucky to get it in once a year, however this makes each viewing even more special.