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What To Watch: Monarchy on Film

With the UK celebrating Elizabeth II's platinum jubilee, we're charting films that explore the highs and lows of various monarchies.


The King's Speech

After his brother abdicates, King George VI (the father of Queen Elizabeth II) reluctantly takes the throne. Considered unfit to rule, he tries to overcome his speech impediment with the help of unorthodox speech therapist Lionel Logue. With strange techniques, George attempts to make himself worthy of leading his country.

Available on Netflix.

The Favourite

In early 18th century England, Queen Anne falls sick while her aide Sarah Churchill oversees the country's urgent matters. Their relationship is more complex than

it first appears: involving emotions that become complicated when Sarah's social-climbing cousin Abigail arrives and attempts to become the Queen's new favourite.

Available to rent on Amazon Prime Video and AppleTV.

Marie Antoinette

In 1770, ill-fated 15-year-old Austrian archduchess Marie Antoinette weds a French royal. Becoming queen at just 19, she is pressured to bear an heir. Sofia Coppola's candy-coloured, pop-filled film charts Marie's luxurious reign and the ultimate fall of Versailles.

Available on Netflix.


Over a weekend in the early 90's, the marriage between Princess Diana and Prince Charles has long since grown cold. Rumours suffocate Diana, who attempts to put them aside for the Christmas festivities at the queen's estate. But Diana must face a decision: will she stay on the path that will one day see her become queen?

Available on Amazon Prime Video.


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