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What To Watch: Pride Part 2

With Pride month wrapping up earlier this week, we're doing a part 2 of LGBTQ+ film recs!



A young Reginald is a prodigy at the Royal Academy of Music and soon after completing school, he begins to perform music at his local pubs. He soon meets music manager John Reid, who helps his career while causing chaos in his personal life.

Available on Amazon Prime Video.

The Handmaiden

In Japanese-occupied 1930s Korea, a young woman is hired by a con-man to act as a handmaiden to an isolated Japanese heiress. The con-man plan: to pose as a Japanese count and seduce the heiress, convince her to elope with him, steal her

fortune, and leave her in a madhouse. The plan takes a turn when the women seem to develop some unexpected emotions.

Available on Netflix.

The Half of It

A reserved, straight-A Chinese-American student is hired by the inarticulate but kind school jock to impress the girl whom, unknown to him, they both are crushing on. The unlikely pair develop a kinship and Ellie learns to accept herself.

Available on Netflix.

Shiva Baby

A college student attends a family shiva where she encounters her parents, ex-girlfriend and her sugar daddy and his family. Shiva Baby's anxiety-inducing pacing and dialogue explore what it's like to navigate the world as a young, lost, bisexual woman.

Available on Amazon Prime Video.


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