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What To Watch: Writers on Screen ✍️ 📚

For this week's #whattowatch, we're talking writers on screen! Many of the Mor Media team are writers, and much of our community is too!

Films that place writers at the forefront help us see ourselves and our personal struggles on screen. Watching talented people deny their gift and face self-doubt helps us battle our own issues with our craft.


Little Women (Sony Pictures Releasing)

Little Women

Greta Gerwig's adaption of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel places a bigger focus on Jo March's intense love of writing than previous versions and for that, we love it. Gerwig's iteration features an incredibly talented cast who brings each of the characters to life, especially Saoirse Ronan as the second eldest daughter, Jo March. The four March sisters each have their own dreams, but Jo is the one who arguably gets the closest to her own.

Available on Netflix

Misery (Columbia Pictures)


A self-insert for writer Stephen King, romance novelist Paul Sheldon is rescued from a car accident by kindly nurse Annie Wilkes. It turns out that Annie is Paul's number one fan, and she isn't happy about him ending his romance franchise, and killing off the protagonist. King has been open about the original novel being an exploration of his issues with substance abuse and demanding fans, concepts which are incredibly depicted by James Caan and (then) newcomer Kathy Bates.

Available to rent on Amazon Prime and AppleTV

Ruby Sparks (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

Ruby Sparks

Young writer Calvin found success in his early career but has since found himself struggling with inspiration and unlucky in love. One day he manages to overcome his writer's block when he simply brings his ideal woman to life from the page. He begins to struggle with his imagined idea of her as she begins to self-actualise and gain her independence.

Available on DisneyPlus.

Paterson (Amazon Studios)


Over the course of one week, quiet but observant bus driver Paterson pens poems in his notebook. He and his wife live in the town of Paterson, home to many famous authors and poets. He faces familiar self-doubt and ignores his wife's desire that he makes copies of his poems to share with others.

Available on Amazon Prime.



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