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Film Set

South West Regional Shorts


Thursday 18th Nov  | 8pm

2h  |  South West, UK  |  Shorts

A showcase of the best regional short films.

An invited showcase of the best South West filmmaking talent, bringing worthy filmmakers to national attention.

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Freya Billington
5m | UK
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TERMINATED:TEETH&TINDER is a triptych swiping between the fallout of a marriage break up, middle-aged Tinder and a lost front tooth.

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Rose Pandemic

Daisy Lewis
10m | UK
  • Instagram

At the height of lockdown, Rose 'Patricia Hodge' and her dog Reg live in comfortable isolation in an affluent part of central London. When a chance encounter with an unlikely drug dealer disrupts their routine, she realises she was already shielding from her past.

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City Fishing

Joe Inman
3m | UK
  • Instagram

Boredom makes people do a lot of strange things; like try to save the world. Shot and edited in camera, City Fishing charts the attempts of two friends to find a small way to help their community.


The Nicky Nack

Tom Oxenham
6m | UK

    Horror-comedy short based on an improbable pub tale from the North East of England. A man walking home from his local one night is tormented by a terrifying sound: The Nicky Nack. Starring Alun Armstrong.

    Screenshot 2021-11-12 115646.png

    Dean Quarry / with Eyes That Are Not Seen Are Quickly Forgotten

    Rachael Jones
    6m | UK

      'Dean Quarry / with Eyes That Are Not Seen Are Quickly Forgotten' is a collaborative film experiment that engages with the materiality of filmmaking and glimpses of an abandoned industrial site on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, UK. The film was shot on Super8 and hand processed, however, an accidental misloading of the film led to much of it becoming stuck together, obscuring the exposed images underneath the film material. The music is written in response to the material quality of the film form, with tones and melody revealing themselves as identifiable images appear and are lost. The key of the piece is drawn from the grid reference of the quarry. The result is a meditation on old industrial and natural objects and a place in transition, on the verge of being transformed into something else but paused in time.



      Bryher Flanders
      12m | UK

        Jenna is a Truro girl who goes to college during the week and works at her dad’s suit shop on the weekends. Her dad wishes she was more like Jan, who is his full-time shop girl, but she’d rather be making clothes for her cousin, Matthi. Unlike most sixteen-year-old girls, she relishes the banality that comes with Truro life.


        But one Saturday, Helen walks into the shop. Jenna has never met anyone like her before, she is the coolest person she has ever met. Helen invites Jenna to her gig in Penzance that night and the venue is filled with people, who all come together to express themselves through Cornish music & dance.  Jenna comes to realise that there is a whole part of Cornwall that she has yet to experience and finds a space within her home where she can be truly herself.


        Where Have You Been?

        Andrew Gillman
        11m | UK

          Why did she go out on a night like this?


          To My Younger Self

          Owain Astles
          4m | UK

            'To My Younger Self' is a short creative documentary about solitary confinement in Young Offender Institutions. Focused around the real testimony of a young man who spent over 100 days in solitary confinement whilst in a Young Offender Institution, To My Younger Self is an immersive exploration of the mental and emotional trauma of youth incarceration and explores the themes of isolation and dehumanisation in the UK youth prison system.


            The Pillbox - Short Drama

            Kyle Richardson
            12m | UK
            • Instagram

            This short dramatic visual follows Charlie, who is ex military as he fights and eventually overcomes addiction and grief. We wanted to show that no matter how beautiful the world is around us or how normal we seem from the outside, if you are struggling with addiction and mental health, in this case PTSD, it can be a very different story indeed. Trigger Warning* Use of drugs*

            Dog Years.jpg

            Dog Years

            Natalys Willcox
            16m | UK
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            Depressed and living in isolation, Demelza promises to leap from the cliffs of her Cornish village when her elderly dog Lucky dies. Can she find a reason to live before he snuffs it?

            Screenshot 2021-11-12 115923.png

            People & Their Gardens | The Pandemic and Me

            Anya Bryan
            16m | UK

              The Pandemic & Me is a short documentary about a charity with a huge heart, their members, and the COVID 19 pandemic.

              Screenshot 2021-11-12 112341.png

              The Accidental Choirmistress

              Jo Barker, Holly Black
              6m | UK
              • Instagram

              The Accidental Choirmistress and members of the Tuesday Fun Club Choir take us on a journey of love and grief, how it can permeate music and bring people together when we most need to be close.