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What To Watch: BAFTA Craft Winners

To celebrate last week's BAFTA Craft Awards, we're filling this week's #WhatToWatch list with some of the winners. A massive congrats to all of the cast and crew involved!


We Are Lady Parts (Channel 4)

We Are Lady Parts

Nerdy PhD student Amina becomes the lead guitarist of Lady Parts, an all-female Muslim punk band on a mission to get a proper gig. The band's fierce singer Saira

sees something in Amina the others can't. Torn between her strait-laced university

friends and members of Lady Parts, Amina tries to find her voice.

Available on All4

The Witcher (Netflix)

The Witcher

In the fictional world of 'The Continent', The Witcher Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) and Princess Ciri find themselves linked by destiny. Geralt is a monster

hunter, who struggles to find a place for himself in The Continent due to his


Available on Netflix

It's A Sin (Channel 4)

It's A Sin

This five-part series is set from 1981 to 1991 in London. 18-year-olds, Ritchie, Colin and Roscoe leave their homes to begin a new life in the British capital. Quickly

the group of friends find themselves in the middle of the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Available to rent on Netflix.

Landscapers (Sky Atlantic)


Based on the true story of the murders of William and Patricia Wycherley in 1998, Landscapers has gained wide acclaim. Olivia Colman and David Thewlis star as Susan and Christopher Edwards, the couple who committed their murders, as their

decade-old crimes were uncovered.

Available on NowTV.



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