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20 Under 25's


The best from young filmmakers.

A selection of some of the best films by emerging filmmakers submitted to our short film festival.

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Caleb Joye
11m 48 | USA

Following the struggle of three people in Detroit, flowing from one person to the next, with their brief, passing encounters with an ethereal, Monowheel riding man.

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The Arsonist

Lucinda Jane Ellicott
4m 34 | UK

A 1920's farmer reports a fire at his barn, but the assailant cannot be arrested as although he got away, he is now deceased.

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Before the Tide Comes In

Joshua Shea
14m 23 | UK

Two strangers buried up to their necks in the sand await their fate with the tide coming in. A musing of impending death, and the existential thought process that comes with it.

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Bury the Eagle

Christian Attree
18m 39  | UK

An amateur boxer prepares for his first professional fight. But his repetitive and obsessive lifestyle begins to take a toll on him. He begins to see visions of his future through an alluring Exit Sign and reconsiders his current lifestyle.

Photo 4 Youtube_Do_You_Hear_The_Sounds.00_02_19_16.Still019.jpg

Do You Hear the Sounds?

Rhianna Berthoud
3m 49 | UK

Follow two characters as they walk through an endless uncanny abyss of monsters and exciting sounds. The music of 'Mothman, The Man' has been visualised using clay, drawing, and frame animation, and each monster represents aspects of nature and uncertainty.


The Essence of Air

Hanna Rosén
10m 37 | Sweden

The Essence of Air is a poetic thriller that takes us along during a day in a young woman´s mentally entangled life.

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First Timers

Hector Bell
9m 19 | UK

On a sunny afternoon in rural Somerset, moments of peace, patience and rage arise as three young teens try to buy their first bag of weed.



Gabriele Santo Alboretti
14m 27 | Italy

A mother, alone, lives with pain the last days of consciousness of her own son, before it becomes completely catatonic.

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Max Stephen Roach
8m 52 | UK

When Norman Boreman realises their days are numbered before they leave home for submarine school they must find their own way to live their dream.


A Narration of a Funeral

Amir Sedghinir
12m | Iran

A woman named Tara, who after the funeral of her mother, who died due to Covid 19, encounters a strange call the hospital, where her mother's body is still there ...

Screenshot 2022-11-01 224435.jpeg

A Pigeon's Life

Tomás Basílio
9m 26 | UK

Maria is a resilient woman, a mother, and a cleaner. Emanuel, her son, is a free and curious child. In a look at their small-town daily life, we join them as they navigate the reality they live in. For these two, this means: shoes, going to work, pigeons, and dancing. As we follow this relationship through the day, we glance into a world filled with small pleasures and monumental events. In the end, they only have each other to make the most of it.

Photo 4 Still_-_tracking_2_edited.jpg

The Pizzeria

Mohit Rajgopal
10m 04 | UK

In the midst of the global pandemic, Han, a Singaporean studying in Cornwall, finds out that his family has sold their house due to financial difficulties. As he calculates how much he needs to afford a flight back home, his colleague, Alice, a local student hailing from the city, interrupts him. Alice is looking forward to heading back home to spend Christmas with her family when she discovers that her brother back home might be ill and her entire family might be quarantined. In the midst of dealing with their respective troubles, the pair find a familial comfort with each other.



Casey Eldridge
9m 28 | UK

A middle-aged daughter deals with the aftermath of her traumatic childhood.

Photo 7 TOBY_DRAWING0.jpg


Jonathan Payne
10m 27 | UK

Deep in the forest, a shy, young boy comes across a mysterious village composed of buildings no larger than the size of his hands. As a storm fast approaches, the village is vulnerable and he must find a way to protect it.


Spokes & Robbers

Emmanuel Li
20m | UK

Runaway sisters Isabel and Violet drift, grift and shoplift in the hopes of skipping town. But an ironic twist of fate on the eve of their great escape sees them stranded in the marshes, where they reckon with their relationship, futures and places in the world

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Joseph Blackman
8m 53 | UK

A short film about a man who is fired from his job and goes to live in a cave.

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Edie Moles
10m 29 | UK

Emotional time-bomb Norman tells us a story about tenderness, empathy and human connection in Underbelly. In almost microscopic view, the film takes a look at how one young man’s life is deeply affected by his sister’s lack of access to abortion. The audience are ripped from their seats into one day in his life - feeding a newborn baby one minute, slicing a pork underbelly at the local butchers the next.


Unknown Language

Roshan Balu
8m 41 | UK

Unknown Language follows a day in the life of Reuben, a young boy caught up in the middle of a bitter divorce between his parents. It is his father's turn to look after him for the day; with Reuben's angry attitude towards his father, both father and son must find a way to get through the day.

Photo 1 Screenshot_2022-08-02_at_15.12.09.jpg

Virágom, Virágom

Anna Járai
10m | UK

Virágom, Virágom is an experimental short film inspired by folklore and heritage, focusing on the ‘other’ and its reclamation of folklore. Interwoven with images and soundscapes from the past and present, the film highlights the beauty of craft, whilst re-contextualising traditional folk narratives to show the strength and power of the often forgotten members of folk communities


Who's That Riding?

Ryan Pollock
12m 34 | UK

In a stark tenement flat, Jack, filling in for an absent worker, performs a home visit on Lee, a man struggling with alcoholism. Lee’s days are long and purposeless, and, to some extent, he has accepted his aloneness. Jack, through a combination of inexperience and naivety, doesn’t fully recognise the red flags that Lee demonstrates throughout the visit, but something about it doesn’t sit right with him. And that night, in the early hours, swamped by dark imaginings, he returns to Lee’s flat in an attempt to alleviate his concerns.

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