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New voluntary sector workshops announced 

Funding may be available through Cornwall VSF Learning Academies for staff and volunteers working in the voluntary sector.

Coming Soon 

Using your phone for social media content 8th December

How to write engaging newsletters and blog posts 12 January 2024

Creating eye catching social media posts using online design tools in Canva. 26 January 2024

Using your phone for social media content 9 February 2024


Massive thank you to everyone who attended  the acclaimed Cornwall Film Festival 


Running concurrently with the OtherRealms exhibits and experiences, attendees can take advantage of the opportunity to connect with a wide array of events, making the Film Festival an unparalleled experience at the forefront of technology, creativity and imagination. 

Falmouth Art Gallery-46.jpg

Explore our various community projects across Cornwall

Our community projects in Cornwall work with hard to reach groups who face social, cultural or economic exclusion from the richness of media culture with a focus on improving the health and wellbeing of communities.


Mor Media is a Charity that brings people together through our community programmes and runs media training & education in Cornwall. Enhances career prospects and deepens understanding with our Industry talks & masterclasses, and innovates with a year-round film programme.




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Mor Media is a charity that relies on outside support to continue our work.

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