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Best of British


Saturday 19th Nov  |  11am

1h 45m  |  UK  |  Shorts

The best British independent short filmmakers at Cornwall Film Festival.

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All Girls Still.jpg

All Girls

Anastasia Bruce-Jones
14m 40 | UK

Four teenagers head off on a practice walk for an inter-school competition. If they break the record, all their dreams will come true. But none of them are prepared for the consequences of Heather's ruthless ambition.

Asylum Still_edited.jpg


Neil West
12m | UK

A woman risks everything to try and protect an asylum seeker in a totalitarian society in which all borders are militarized.

Bugbear Still.jpg


Matt Smith
9m | UK

As a desperate man tries to raise the money he owes a dangerous criminal, he finds something in the woods that will change him forever

Different Day Still 2_edited.jpg

Different Day

Charlotte Couture
15m | UK

Alicia has been the primary carer for her mother and little sister since her early teens. Now eighteen, Alicia secretly starts to make plans to escape her life and go in search of the one she missed out on. But a tragic incident threatens to shatter Alicia's plans, and forces her to make a choice between family duty and her own freedom.

The Electricity in Me Still.jpg

The Electricity in Me

Mat Sheldon
10m 25 | UK

Years after giving up her newborn son for adoption, a woman confronts her trauma and memories of the man she calls 'my monster’.

The Operator Still.jpg

The Operator

Matt Riley
20m | UK

The Operator follows Michael, a client contact associate as he starts another dull day of business as usual. Connecting long distance intergalactic calls from a remote satellite (not as exciting as it sounds); a bleary eyed and coffee fuelled Michael receives a distress call. No one ever receives a distress call. They barely touch on distress calls during the induction day.

PAMPAS Still_edited.jpg


Jessica Bishopp
5m | UK

Sexual signalling and suburban myth; what does your front garden say about you? Plants were used in 1970s British suburbia to send seductive signals to neighbours or so rumour has it. A hybrid documentary exploring the truth in the botanical myth; what went on behind closed curtains? A look at sexual signalling, female desire, subcultures, and suburban legend.

Something Out of Nothing Still.jpg

Something Out of Nothing

Marcus Armitage
4m 20 | UK

Loss clings like sea air on a woollen jumper. Paul's mother, grieving the loss of her son, reconnects with the St Ives landscape and imparts that loss into a series of sculptures. An original story by Orlando Weeks based on the work of sculptor Barbara Hepworth, and commissioned by the Hepworth Gallery Wakefield. Directed by Marcus Armitage with narration by Maxine Peake.

Trigger Still_edited.jpg


Renzo Vasquez
9m 46 | UK

It's a rainy night out in East London, Claire and Hannah hail a black cab and climb in. Claire glances down and spots a bag neither of them had noticed when they got in. The cab draws to an abrupt halt and the journey accelerates as Mick confronts the girls and we find out just how far they are willing to go to achieve their own goals. The question is... how far is too far?

This Little Girl Still.jpg

This Little Girl

Annette Westwood
15m | UK

A mother with a substance misuse issue, has to prove herself on her path to recovery, to prevent her child from being taken away from her and placed into care.

The Wanting Still.jpg

The Wanting

Alexandros Mattei
18m | UK

Adam goes to his estranged father’s wake, avoiding his own estranged daughter’s birthday. There, he meets his step-family for the first time and, getting a different vibe than expected, he wonders whether the old bastard has any more lessons for him.

Yummy Mummy Still.jpg

Yummy Mummy

Gabriela Staniszewska
14m 30 | UK

Ignored throughout her pregnancy, Lilith senses her identity is being smothered by her burgeoning motherhood. Her anxieties begin to have physical manifestations - then she starts to fall apart - literally.

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