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New Wave Jury

Mor Media Charity/ Cornwall Film Festival is happy to announce the launch of its New Wave Jury Programme!

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Formerly known as the Youth Jury Programme, this opportunity has helped those aged 18-25 to develop their interest in film criticism.

This years programme targeted film enthusiasts who are living, studying or working in the South West. It aims to take participants through a week of online educational sessions from the 15th-22nd of November. The programme culminated in two jury sessions where participants viewed and judged the festival's international shorts and selected the winner.


This programme is free of charge, supported by Mor Media Charity.


Age: 18-25 years old

Living, studying and/or working in the South

West, UK

Interest in film, basic

knowledge in film theory

& critical writing


Please submit a critical

repsonse to one of the three prompts on the application

form provided.

This can be a written piece (500 words max) OR video essay or podcast (5 mins max).


All entires must be made online by 8th November 2021, 6pm BST.

Please include supporting documents. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Want To Apply?

To apply fill in an application form here - https://forms.gle/Ue81qfLJUPoyaUpM8

Or email reporter@mormediacharity.org for more information

Please return the completed form by 8th November 2021, along with your supporting written piece, video essay or podcast.

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