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We host a variety of events throughout the year showcasing work by the local and national creative community.


We are celebrating Cornwall Film Festival’s 20th Anniversary Year by creating an exciting programme of activity and live events. PLATINOM is the 7-day Edition of the festival from 15-21st November at Princess Pavilions in Falmouth. 

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Full  Programme

Check out the full programme of award winners, special screening and events.

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We celebrate and showcase the best of national short filmmaking, and seek to discover the most innovative and adventurous talents. We want to bring a platform to work that challenges the medium of film in a limited amount of time, whilst demonstrating artistic bravery and ambition. Films chosen for the shortlist by expert judges will be screened at the Festival. Learn more here.

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Into Film Festival for Schools

Screen Stars of Tomorrow

New Wave Youth Jury programme

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Features Docs & Gala Programme

An opportunity to bring filmmakers and audiences together to screen documentaries made by independent filmmakers addressing a wide range of cultural, political, and social issues. Lots of curious people coming together for screenings, discussions, good food, and a few beers!

Industry Events

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The key to the film industry

These are informally run events where creative industry professionals and amateurs alike have the opportunity to chat with one another. You never know who you might meet or the various skill sets people bring to the table which might just be the missing puzzle in your current film project. Networking is key to our industry, but we like to do it with a drink and a snack!

Video Conference

Our new online programme will enable you to gain knowledge and skills in a highly practical learning environment. Here you can engage in immersive workshops guided by our industry experts Browse our exciting new range of immersive online workshops now...

Sylvia Parker Script editor interview

Talks & Interviews
From the people who make the magic

Listen in to industry professionals who work behind the scenes to bring you magic on screen. Free and accessible to everyone held on Facebook with recordings later uploaded to our Youtube Channel.