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other realms insta (2).png
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About OtherRealms

Films pictured above (L-R):

Her, Summer Wars, Ready Player One,

Existenz, Videodrome

OtherRealms combines advances in technology with creativity and imagination to find new ways of exploring our digital world.

We'll play host to exhibits, films, conferences, and experiences encompassing virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and immersive installations, with a year-round programme of participation.

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OtherRealms Programme

1. Confer Overview

OtherRealms conferences offers different programming formats that empower attendees to learn, discover, connect and achieve creative and career-enhancing goals.


2. XR Programme 

The immersive arts are redefining how we experience the world around us. Events in this section emphasise storytelling, ingenuity and showcase how creatives of all types are embracing this new medium


3. Film Overview

Experience the OtherRealms film program! IRL + URL audiences of all types & stripes gather for the acclaimed Cornwall Film Festival program. Running concurrently with the OtherRealms Conference, exhibits and experiences.

4. Art and technology | Imagine

The art & technology programme offers artists a unique platform to showcase their work for emerging, diverse, collaborative, and inventive communities in the Country.

5. Participate

The Participate Programme ensures that everyone has access to a shared digital space: building healthy metaverses that enriches our physical lives developing new skills and bringing communities together.

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