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Pay What You Can

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Pay What You Can is our innovative affordable ticket scheme, run successfully over the last two editions of the festival.  We've found the biggest barrier to attending events for most people is being able to afford the ticket price. In order to overcome that barrier, we're removing the ticket price and asking audiences to simply pay what they can, so we can welcome more people to the festival experience and inspire even wider audiences.

We WON’T ask you for your ID, proof of earnings or anything else! All we ask is your honesty!

Pricing Scale

A guide to help you choose your payment.


- I have no access to savings

- I am under or unemployed

- I can not afford time off and rarely afford clothes, cinema & books 


- I often stress about how to pay my bills & don't always achieve them

- I am employed but don't have regular hours

- I can take time off and do go on holidays & occasionally buy new itmes


- I can comfortably meet my bills and needs

- I own private transport and can afford to fuel it

- I have access to savings and have my own property or choose where I rent 

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Pay What You Can Screenings

Making cinema accessible for all.

No events at the moment
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