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There’s ‘Mor’ to this film festival than you might think!

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

From its part in an Oscar nomination to learning opportunities for people at all levels in the creative world, Mor Media Charity, formerl

y the Cornwall Film Festival, is proving to be a real hit.

The charity is rebranding to reflect the full range of work it now carries out across the creative community in Cornwall and beyond, including public workshops and internships, although the festival itself will remain a vital part of its work.

Mor Media has been an entry point into the media industry for many, including Joshua James Richardson, a previous winner of the film festival, who earlier this year received an Academy Award nomination for Best Cinematography for his work on Nomadland.

Former Cornwall Film Festival volunteer and intern Michael Roberts, who is now xxx said: “Without the nurturing of CFF executive director Louise Fox and the whole team, my career would not be in the position it is today.”

He added: “Mor Media has developed countless community networking sessions and training opportunities to help the industry thrive. Cornwall’s film and media industry is undoubtedly more vibrant, educated and flourishing thanks to the group’s work.”

Meanwhile, previous festival winner and volunteer Lawrence Donoghue said: “In 2019, I had my short film Flying Lessons screened and was lucky enough to be presented with a writing award. It was a huge boost to my confidence and felt like my voice had a place on the big screen.”

As well as helping those working in the industry, Mor Media has also provided learning opportunities for everyone through education and workshops. Its recent Get Creative! Workshops, which included poetry and novel writing, received positive feedback, with one participant saying: “It was relaxed, fun and informative and there was no pressure to be anything other than yourself and take away what you needed to from it all. “

Another described the workshop as “phenomenal” and “life-changing!”

The rebranded charity aims to keep building on the passion for creative work in the community through a series of programmes and events, as well as helping to improve career prospects and deepen people’s understanding of the media industry.

Mor Media also plans to bring the Cornish community together in a special project called Community Stories Cornwall, an audio-visual record of the experiences of local people throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

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