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The Films of Céline Sciamma - Ranked

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Sciamma for The Hollywood Reporter

This year Cornwall Film Festival is bringing award-winning films from all around the world to local audiences. The festival’s line-up includes Céline Sciamma’s latest feature, Petite Maman (2021). Praised by audiences and critics alike, the film tells a moving story about memory and friendship.

Before watching Petite Maman, I revisited Céline Sciamma’s filmography, from shorts to Cannes winners. Her body of work is regarded among the best in queer cinema. The majority of her films tackle sexuality and gender identity issues through the perspective of children and adolescents. Her first three features act as a coming-of-age trilogy, mapping the lives of queer characters at different stages of their life.

I realized I had only watched two of Sciamma’s films while the remaining films were to be fresh first watches. I decided to watch her films chronologically to observe the development of her directorial approach over time. What I concluded at five in the morning after the credits rolled on Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019) is that Sciamma’s talent as a director is undeniable. She is particularly skillful in directing child actors which