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The Wonders of Short Film

Happy 2022! We are so pleased to welcome you back to our weekly blog series here at Mor Media, and we are also super excited to announce that we have a new writer!

Hello, my name is Scarlett, and I am a passionate photographer and film lover from Sussex working for Mor Media as part of their internship programme. To start off my weekly series, I wanted to tell you all a little about my top 3 favourite short films as a way to introduce to you our upcoming Cornwall Film Festival Short Film Competition. Read to the end for more info on how to enter your short film!


To start off my list, at number 3 I have selected ReMoved directed by Nathanael Matanick. Released in 2014, this film has had an impact on me since I was 15, when I first watched it for media class in secondary school. The film follows the emotional story of a young girl taken from her home and placed into foster care, told through her eyes. It is impossible to fully understand the extent of what a child in the foster care system experiences emotionally. However, this film poetically provides us viewers with feelings of sadness, anger, portrayal, and a little bit of hope, allowing us to peer into the child’s reality. Not to mention the cinematography and sound are second to none. It truly is a phenomenal watch.

All Too Well

At number 2, I have placed All Too Well, the music video for Taylor Swift’s record-breaking 10-minute vocal masterpiece (I understand this may be an unpopular opinion, I welcome opposing ones). Now you may want to argue that this is not a short film but a music video, and I am here to tell you why you should give it a chance. Like most of Taylor’s songs, the lyrics concern a part of Taylor’s own personal life. Stranger Thing’s actress Sadie Sink portrays a young Taylor, and Dylan O’Brien acts as Taylor’s significantly older lover of the time. This created much controversy due to the actor’s age gap, however as rightly pointed out by many viewers, this is the point. We are supposed to feel uncomfortable.

The lyrics accompanied by the visuals lead us, as viewers, through an emotional journey to which many of us can relate. The fear, uncertainty, anxiety, and hope that come with toxic relationships has truly resonated with viewers who have experienced similar to Taylor’s story. Stunningly directed by Taylor herself, I highly recommend a viewing (or two!).

Dreaming With My Eyes Open

And finally, number 1 is taking a slightly different approach to the typical short film, and in short (pun not intended) these films changed my life. Indy Blue is a content creator who has documented every year of her life since 2016 until now. Each January a short film is released, where simplicity is key in terms of technicalities, the real magic is created within the clips. Indy captures the simplicity and complexity of what life is all at once. Her 2017 video is entitled ‘Dreaming With My Eyes Open’, and truly does represent the need to chase your dreams and enjoy life’s simplest moments. It’s about adventure and joy, and for the third time, hope.


To enter your own short film work in this year’s CFF Short Film Competitions, simply submit a film of any genre or music video on the official CFF Film Freeway. For early bird entry, submit any film made after April 2021 by April 1st, 2022. To submit, for more info on the different categories and to read the terms & conditions, follow this link:

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