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What To Watch: Curious Relationships ♥️

Our outdoor screenings return this summer and this year, we are focusing on the curious and bizarre in relationships on film. For this week's #whattowatch we're covering more fun in the niche genre. Read more about our summer screening picks here!


Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix)

Santa Clarita Diet

This cancelled Netflix show built a strong fanbase due to its great mix of genres and a hilarious central couple. Both in a mid-life crisis, Sheila and Joel crave

some fun in their lives. What they don't expect is for one of them to develop a hunger for human flesh.

Available on Netflix

Midsommar (A24)


Following the tragic loss of her family, American student Danni goes on a trip to Sweden with her crappy boyfriend and his grad course friends as they study the elusive Hårga people. What ensues is sun-soaked horror from the mind of

modern horror icon Ari Aster.

Available on Netflix

Harold and Maude (Paramount Pictures)

Harold and Maude

Harold and Maude was considered controversial on its release but has since become a cult classic black-comedy. The film follows the titular Harold and Maude, a young man and much older woman who enter a taboo relationship. What follows is a coming of age story for both of them.

Available to rent on Amazon Prime and AppleTV.

Edward Scissorhands (20th Century Fox)

Edward Scissorhands

This unforgettable Burton classic follows the director's usual tale of love and misfits. Edward was created by a scientist who died before completing him, leaving him alone, and with scissors for hands. When he meets the Boggs

family and their daughter Kim, he begins to imagine a new life for himself.

Available on DisneyPlus.



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