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What To Watch: French Cinema

With the buzz around Cannes, we've found ourselves curious about revisiting some French films. Diving into foreign film can be intimidating, so for this week's #WhatToWatch, we're giving you a brief introduction to French cinema! 🎥 🇫🇷


Amelie (UGC Fox Distribution)


Adorable daydreamer Amelie, a young waitress in Paris, decides to help others. She becomes a matchmaker and giver, but does she have the courage to approach the handsome stranger she meets and start her own love story?

Available on Netflix.

La Haine (Canal+)

La Haine

After a night of riots in which their friend is tortured by the police, three young friends, Vinz, Hubert and Saïd, wander around Paris waiting for updates. They find a gun lost by the police and threaten to kill a cop if their friend does not make it.

Available on Amazon Prime Video.

The Triplets of Belleville (Diaphana Films, Tartan Films)

The Triplets of Belleville

Elderly Frenchwoman Madame Souza becomes the centre of international intrigue when her grandson, Champion, is kidnapped during the Tour de France. Joined by her dog, Bruno, Souza sets off to find Champion and teams up with three ex-vaudeville performer sisters.

Available on ITV Hub.

Titane (Film4, NEON)


A young woman who had a titanium plate fitted in her head as a child embarks on a murder spree involving her fetish for cars. Following the series of unexplained crimes, a retired firefighter finds his son who has been missing for 10 years.

Available on Amazon Prime Video.



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