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What To Watch: Music Docs 🎶

Following the recent Grammy awards, for this week's #whattowatch, we're covering music docs! Our team are big fans of the genre, so it's time to share the love!


The Beatles: Get Back (DisneyPlus)

The Beatles: Get Back

This Peter Jackson directed and produced doc spans the entirety of The Beatles' career- racking up to a whopping near 8-hour runtime. Don't be intimidated, the film earns every minute and remains engaging for its duration. Charting the rise and stardom of one of the biggest bands of all time, it's one not to miss.

Available on DisneyPlus.


Asif Kapadia's acclaimed documentary on the life and career of Amy Winehouse is tender and respectful. Kapadia's film serves as a beautiful exploration of Amy as a person and acts as a sort of send-off. If you'd like to learn more about the beloved singer beyond what the tabloids reported, this doc is a perfect place to start.

Available to rent on AppleTV and Prime Video.

Homecoming (Netflix)


Beyonce's Coachella performance in 2019 quickly went down in pop culture history, but the preparation was anything but fast and easy. Homecoming, produced by Knowles, documents the sheer power and endurance of the star

in her prep for the biggest performance of her career. Throughout, we are shown the smaller milestones that led up to the performance as well as just how large a hand Beyonce had in one of the greatest stages of all time.

Available on Netflix.

The Velvet Underground (AppleTV)

The Velvet Underground

This Todd Haynes directed doc charts the life and times of the rock band The Velvet Underground, exploring their influence on music and avant-garde film of the 1960s. Haynes takes a look at how the band were not commercially successful but influenced the creation of entirely new musical genres. It's a love letter to a band that you may not have directly listened to, but recognise the sounds and imagery created by.

Available on AppleTV.


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