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What To Watch: We Fell In Love In October

Dark academia, spooky season, and pumpkin spice; October is associated with vastly different aesthetics, but today we will recommend some cozy love stories you can enjoy during the Autumn season!


Love Story

When Oliver Barrett and Jenny Cavilleri fall in love at first sight, they defeat all odds and the protests of his overbearing father to get married, not caring that they come from different backgrounds. However, their new-found happiness comes to a halt when Jenny discovers that she has a terminal illness.

Available on NowTV.

Tortilla Soup

Based on Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman, Tortilla Soup tells the story of Martin Naranjo, a recently-widowed chef and his three daughters as they navigate their romantic and familial bonds in the only way that makes sense to them.

Available on Amazon Prime Video.

An Autumn Tale

In the last chapter of Rohmer's "Tales of The Four Seasons", Magali is a 40 year old vineyard and widow. Her best friends, Rosine and Isabelle, make separate plans to get her dating again and hilarity ensues when they take peculiar approaches to find her the perfect man.

Available on MUBI UK.

You’ve Got Mail

This one feels like an obvious choice, but you could never go wrong with the classics. In this Nora Ephron masterpiece, business rivals Katherine Kelly and Joe Fox end up falling for each other when they start talking anonymously in an online chat room.

Available on Amazon Prime Video.



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