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Best Student Short Films


Selected from the best student short films.

A selection of the new generation of innovative stories that are shaping the world. Student short films of any genre are invited to enter with films of no longer than 20 minutes.

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Kaleb D'Aguilar
12m 30 | UK

Against the backdrop of the Windrush scandal, a Jamaican mother, Valerie Powell, struggles to keep her relationship with her son Eli intact. She suffers in silence as she battles with the government's hostile environment tactics, as she keeps the threat of deportation a secret, her psychological state begins to deteriorate as she grapples with the fear of losing her son and the country, she calls home.

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Not for sale

Miriam & Alejandro Sánchez Porras
16m 58 | UK

‘Not For Sale’ follows corner shop owner Daisy and her employees, who concoct a fake art sale in order to scam the ruthless CEO of the supermarket chain that drove them out of business.

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Calmer Waters

Poppy Hodges
7m 42 | UK

This story explores how life can get you down, but the natural world can pick you back up again. It tells the story of one apathetic young woman living in isolation and loneliness. We meet our character trapped in the confines of the modern routine. Trying to comply with convention, we see her suffering in silence. When the noise of modern life gets too loud our protagonist reaches new levels of desperation.



Dimitri Staufer
15m | Japan

The future world has become so unbearable that people spend most of their time in a metaverse called KASOUGEN. However, some, including Mei, the girlfriend of Ren, prefer to live a more traditional life in the real world. So when Ren starts a new job at KASOUGEN, the two drift apart. Their best friend Sara plans an encounter of Ren's and Mei's avatars in the virtual world, where the two fall in love again, but simultaneously are torn apart for ever.

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Hamlet, NW5

Beru Tessema
16m 58 | UK

Hamlet, NW5 tells the story of Ade, who's life begins to mirror the life of the character he is playing on stage.

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Journey of a Paper

Owen . C
2m 57 | China

In the self-study class at night, Long received a mystery paper from his back-seat student. One journey of this mystery paper started in the classroom.....

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Esme Wallace
9m 59 | UK

Migraine is an experimental short film, following a figurative Giant with chronic migraines. Mulling about an industrial occasionally neon landscape, in search of stones that he believes hold healing vibrations, he meets a bartender. A Seer with many eyes; and their paths align. This film focuses around the effect and manifestation of the Giant’s migraines and the tumultuous and troubling search for a remedy.

My Sunshine Still.jpg

My Sunshine

Roy Bryson
11m 26 | UK

When three siblings are reunited at their mother's home vigil, Judy, caught between self-centred James and self-destructive Jesse, must find the courage to stand up for herself.


She Hears Crying

George Irwin
8m 37 | UK

Heather is haunted by internal reminders of a troubling event after experiencing the death of her mother, occurring through a vicious accident. She audibly hears the crying from this event playing on loop in her head. In order to drown this crying out, Heather seeks out other sounds to fill her ears, such as the industrial and hazardous noises of her construction workplace. However, her eardrums begin to take damage, threatening a complete loss of hearing.



Shona Kelly
10m | Ireland

A lonely woman retreats to an abandoned house where she meets a forgotten ghost, forging a connection that transcends the confines of time.



Péter Engelmann
20m | UK

Three strangers who - based on a 1997's psychological experiment on the bonds of friendship - are about to become friends for life, separated only by 36 questions...

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Uncanny Nostalgia: Nine Homes of the Land Surveyor

Li Yalun
20m | USA

A fiction that combines memories, dreams, thoughts, and emotions of domestic spaces, temporal stays, traveling, and migrating into episodes of nine different abodes for an imagined Land Surveyor.


Until the End of Time

Daarya Serji
17m | UK

The line between reality and imagination blurs away for a writer as his muse develops her own consciousness and breaks away from his expectations.



Yasmin Afifi
13m 12  | UK

Four boys during a night of bravado, recount tales of boyhood as if they were harmless jokes while taking turns going into the bathroom to wank to a seemingly disturbing video. As the night progresses, the boys’ true struggles with masculinity are put on display - silly stories become chilling vignettes when seen for what they really are.

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