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Film Student

Best Student Short Films


Saturday 20th Nov  |  10am

1h 30m  |  UK  |  Shorts

Selected from the best student short films.

A showcase of the new generation of innovative stories that are shaping the world. Student short films of any genre are invited to enter with films of no longer than 20 minutes.

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Big Touch

Christopher Tenzis
3m | USA
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An Afro-Surrealist story about a giant woman and a tiny man who through the power of touch, experience an unexpected transformation.

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Fall of the Ibis King

Mikai Geronimo, Josh O'Caoimh
10m | Ireland
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The antagonist of a dark opera becomes increasingly unsettled following the unlikely return of the former lead actor.

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The Grief That Stole Christmas

Ruidi Collins
10m | UK

    ‘Tis the season to be sulky. Two brothers return home for Christmas after their mother’s passing and man-logic dictates that they must commit a misdemeanour to cheer up their dad. A bittersweet Christmas Heist comedy.


    One for the Road

    Eileen Tracey
    6m | UK

      Inspired by true events, One for the Road follows Ceri, one of the last remaining residents of a seaside village that has been given an expiration date. For years, she saw the coastal defences of Penporth crumble under ever-rising sea levels until the local government finally decided to abandon her hometown. As the owner of the pub that has been at the heart of the community for decades, Ceri stayed as long as possible to provide a safe haven for those who remain. But now, the final day before the evacuation has arrived. With the help of her grown daughter Erin, Ceri is forced to pack up her whole life: her home, her business, and her family history, which is deeply rooted in the place she is about to lose.


      The Divine Oblivion

      Oscar Simmons
      10m | UK

        As Carlos’ Alzheimer’s disease begins to rapidly deteriorate, he disconnects more and more from realty. This leaves him to contemplate his internal decline of consciousness as he begins to accept his soul merging with the wider universe around him.

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        Lost in the Moment

        Felix Schaaf
        16m | Luxembourg

          Waking up, reading the newspaper and fishing, what looks like a normal day in the life of Rob seems getting disrupted when his granddaughter Holly comes to visit.

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          Hamza Pool
          12m | UK

            A victim of Israel’s use of administrative detention, a Palestinian detainee goes on a hunger strike after being separated from his daughter and incarcerated without trial or charge. Inspired by recent cases, "Jahannam" tackles the issue of administrative detention and Israel's use of this practice to imprison thousands of Palestinians for lengthy periods of time. The film also explores the use of hunger strikes by detainees as a form of protest, and how the Israeli prison system punishes such resistance.

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            Heart of Stone

            Haraldur Pétursson
            4m | UK

              Residing in a cave, hidden deep in the forest, Medusa keeps herself isolated away from others. Her only wish is to be left alone in solitude, yet time and time again self-proclaimed ‘heroes’ invade wishing to see her slain. Growing tired of this cursed cycle, Medusa finds herself lamenting to our hero; and perhaps this time she will be heard.

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              Hsin Yu Chang
              18m | UK

                After an unfortunate event, Steve finds himself dead and unable to pass into the afterlife, after discovering that someone is obsessed with him in the living world. Therefore, Steve and his recently assigned "Afterlife Agent", Aaron, must hunt down this elusive person and erase their memory, or else Steve could find himself with a fate worse than death.