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FAQ's & Access

We've compiled answers to some commonly asked questions about Cornwall Film Festival below.

We also know that some people may have more specific questions, so don't be afraid to ask.

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Popcorn Movie


THE CARD COUNTER is an afternoon Relaxed Screening (RS).

Everyone is welcome to these screenings,  but we have made them especially suitable to those who find standard screenings overwhelming such as autistic people, those with Dementia,  those with sensory issues. We will make the following adjustments:

  • The house lights are left on low and the sound turned down a little.

  • There are no pre-feature adverts or trailers and the film starts at the time advertised.

  • You can take your own soft drinks and snacks into the cinema.

  • During the film, you can use non distracting aids such as personal devices, ear defenders, fidget spinners and chewable jewellery etc.


LAMB is a Captioned Screenings (CS).

Subtitled screenings that display the dialogue as well as additional auditory information on the screen. 


Live captions will display spoken dialogue in real-time. will be added to any Facebook Live interviews & events with closed captions and a downloadable text file will be added after the event.

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Have a specific

If you have a specific question or have special requirements, please feel free to ask through our form or email

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