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2023 End-of-Year Report

Welcome to Mor Media Charity’s 2023 annual end-of-year report, encouraging creativity and culture to thrive in the digital arts through events, education, community and industry projects

The 2023 Cornwall Film Festival was a resounding success, showcasing a diverse and captivating selection of films that captivated audiences of all ages. Here are some of my highlights of the festival:

Opportunity for Cornish Audiences to see Preview Screenings of highly anticipated films that would not otherwise be shown.

The festival delved into the intersection of technology and storytelling, exploring the myriad ways in which filmmakers are utilising digital tools to create immersive and captivating narratives.

The lineup catered to a wide range of tastes, featuring films from around the globe and encompassing genres from captivating dramas to thought-provoking documentaries.

Audiences had the opportunity to engage with filmmakers through Q&A sessions, workshops, and discussions, gaining insights into the creative process and the inspiration behind the films.

Celebration of Cornish Filmmaking: The festival proudly showcased the talent of Cornish filmmakers, highlighting their contributions to the cinematic landscape.

The festival fostered a sense of community among film enthusiasts, providing a platform for shared experiences and discussions about the power of cinema.

Commitment to Education and Accessibility: The festival organised workshops and educational programs for aspiring filmmakers & film critics and provided accessibility options for all attendees.

Impactful Social Commentary: Several films at the festival addressed pressing social issues, prompting reflection and dialogue among audience members.

A celebration of Visual Storytelling: The festival showcased the artistry and visual splendour of filmmaking, highlighting the power of images to evoke emotions, tell stories and use film as a creative medium.

Finally, inspiration for Future Filmmakers: The festival's diverse and engaging lineup inspired aspiring filmmakers and ignited their passion for the art of storytelling.

Louise Fox (Director)

An audience sitting in a cinema
2023 Cornwall Film Festival

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