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Community Stories Cornwall at Kresen Kernow

Kresen Kernow

Hello, my name is Felix, I’m a volunteer for Mor Media charity.

Over this past Half-Term week, I’ve been helping with the Community Stories exhibition in Kresen Kernow, Redruth. I’ve learnt a lot about the community and what it means to be Cornish during the pandemic. Originally from Scotland, I was not born and raised here, but over the years since my family settled, Cornwall has become my home.

It was interesting to hear about Cornwall from people who were born and raised here, and how the pandemic has affected their lives. It is not often talked about in mainstream media how Covid-19 has interfered with people's everyday life, so it was interesting as well as tragic to learn about just how bad it’s gotten for people over the past 2 years since the first lockdown began.

It was also great working in the building of Kresen Kernow, as (in all honesty) I did not know this building existed until a week ago. The property was previously owned by the Redruth Brewery until, 2004, when it was closed down. The site was repurposed and reopened as a monument to Cornish pride and values.

Despite many renovations over the years, the building still features its classic brick walls, which were laid in 1792. There are many exhibitions inside the building where you can visit and learn about your heritage and the history of Cornwall.

Kresen Kernow is a place of pride, but also education. The top floor of the building

contains an information archive as well as a library featuring books of all genres including books on mining, history, geography and much more. In my opinion, Kresen Kernow stands as a testament to both Cornwall and the Cornish people. It is a place for the community, encouraging change but embracing traditions and values.

I’d like to thank Mor Media for giving me the chance to give back to the community and learn more about Cornwall and Cornish people. The community stories exhibition gave me a chance to meet people of all ages and backgrounds that I wouldn’t often meet. Vets, Photographers, PE Teachers, all ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

It has been a pleasure working with Mor Media and Kresen Kernow, and I hope I get another chance to give back, in my own small way.

Thank you for reading, your friend, Felix

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