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Goodbye Mor Media, Welcome Back Me: an insight into a life-changing internship.

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Hello! Welcome back to the Mor Media blog. It is with great sadness that this will be my last post for the Mor Media blog as this is my last week here. So, I thought I should take the opportunity to tell you a little bit about what it is like to work for Mor Media as an intern.

I started here in August 2021 just after I left university. I can't say I had the best three years of my life whilst at university like a lot of people will probably tell you, I had graduated with a lot of unresolved personal issues that led me to feel burnt out about a topic I was once passionate about. I was also massively struggling with post-graduation life, I was fearful and anxious about my future, and I now know that a lot of new graduates feel the same way. It is a topic that needs to be discussed openly because those feelings I had of fear and anxiety are brushed under the carpet, and overtaken by the pressure to find a really good graduate job. I don't know who needs to hear this, but there is no graduate rule book, it's okay if you don't go and get a job in London one month out of university.

I applied for Mor Media on a whim. I was looking online for jobs and came across Cornwall Film Festival. I saw on the site that they had internship opportunities and thought that I like Cornwall, I like films and I need some experience so, why not?! I didn't know what I wanted to do at the charity, but I told them I loved photography and being creative, and they listened.

My passion is content creation and has been for years. I remember watching a video a teacher at secondary school made on a school trip and he just whacked some music over the top and I thought "I want to do that", I must have been about 15. University took that away from me, they wanted me to fit in a box I didn't want to be in and it took away my love for it. What is so amazing about Mor Media is that they encouraged me to do what I was good at, so they gave me the social media accounts to run.

Me in Cornwall

My biggest challenge with running Mor Media's social media was definitely the fact I don't live in Cornwall, I'm from Sussex! It meant having to get very creative with post ideas and looking through my own archives for photos of Cornwall. This however helped reignite my passion for creativity. I loved making the videos and taking photographs for each post, most of them were taken and filmed in my bedroom with whatever film-related things I could find. Everyone at Mor Media allowed me to thrive in that and gave me full creative freedom to make the socials represent a part of me.

Aside from allowing me to run the socials they also provided me with training in social media. I learned about algorithms, post engagement, and how to write for the film world.

So this may be goodbye Mor Media, but I am very happy to welcome back to myself. Mor Media really did help me turn my life around and fall back in love with what I am passionate about. I am now starting a new job in social media, and am focusing on building my childhood dream of being a photographer and videographer into a business, Scarlett Cook Photos.

Keep watching films.


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