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The Personal Becomes Relatable in A Metamorfose dos Pássaros

This is one piece in a collection of 10 film reviews submitted by this year’s New Wave Jury members at Cornwall Film Festival 2021. The collection tackles recent films that stood out as radical works of filmmaking. You can read the other reviews here.

Directed by Catarina Vasconcelos, A Metamorfose dos Pássaros, or The Metamorphosis of Birds (2020) takes a distinctively poetic approach to its format. Not only does it feature layered visuals that induce further complex readings, but it also juxtaposes those same images with moving dialogue. "What about trees? Did they already exist before us? / -There are trees that saw mom and dad being born. There are trees that saw our parents' parents being born. There are trees that saw our parents' parents' parents being born. / - And do we live as long as the trees? / – I don’t think so." A dialogue between two boys laying in bed, wondering about life, while the moon ligh