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That's a Wrap on Cornwall Film Fest 2022!

The Cornwall Film Festival sign at The Poly!

From the 14th to the 20th of November, we brought both local and international film to Cornwall. Our venue, the lovely Poly in Falmouth, was packed all weekend long! Our feature lineup included a variety of strands including:

  • Comedy

  • Drama

  • First Feature

  • French Film Festival collabs

  • From Europe with Love

  • International

  • Ukraine Season

And of course many more!

'Lonely Christmas Day'

Our short film screenings allowed burgeoning filmmakers to see their work on the big screen and brought them to wider audiences. Thank you to everybody who submitted, we look forward to seeing more of your work in the future! For those looking to enter our 2023 short film competition, please sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date. Find our feature and short film award winners here!

Alongside short film and feature screenings, our festival also featured a number of industry events and workshops! Below are some fantastic photos from participants of our 'Picturing the Highstreet' workshop in Falmouth.

We also held a fantastic networking event and a talk with Tolkien illustrator Alan Lee at the lovely Falmouth Bookseller. Mr Lee discussed his illustration work, his experience doing concept-art for the Lord of the Rings film trilogy and the release of 'The Fall of Numenor'.

Alan Lee in his workshop.

We also had another successful year of our New Wave Jury Programme! The programme helps young aspiring media professionals develop their skills through screenings, workshops and talks from industry professionals. This year, our participants watched and reviewed the International strand of our short film competition.

This year our New Wave Jury was composed of 10 people: Lydia, Francisco, Jake, Eliza, Libby, Evie, Finn, Campbell, Andrew, and Andres. Throughout the first two weeks of November, they took part in various workshops/sessions that allowed them to gain skills in order to choose a New Wave Jury Winner, from the international short films category and to write a review on a film of the festival. They had 4 sessions called Write, Select, and Make: a writing workshop with Amanda White, and 3 guest speaker sessions with Hannah Strong (Digital Editor at Little White Lies), Mark Cosgrove (British film programmer working at Watershed), and the Bulgarian filmmakers duo Mina and Vesela. On the 11th they then watched 10 international short films:444 by Alexandre Nachi, The Air and the Worlds by Rana Ashraf, Burros by Jefferson Stein, Company by Ilnaz Khirkhah, Eureka by Miida Chu, Free Fall by Emmanuel Tenen, The Manager Position by Craig Trow, Murder Tongue by Ali Sohail Jaura, Sea Light by John Doe. The New Wave Jury Winner was Murder Tongue by Ali Sohail Jaura and the New Wave Jury Runner-Up is Burros by Jefferson Stein. Even though most of the jury duty is almost done, there is still a New Wave Jury Anthology to be soon released featuring their reviews.

This years New Wave Jurors!

We would also like to extend a massive thank you to the distributors of our programme titles:

  • Altitude Film Distribution

  • Arthood Entertainment

  • Cineuropa

  • Disney

  • French Film Festival

  • Modern

  • MUBI

  • Picturehouse Entertainment

  • Searchlight Pictures

  • Vertigo

  • Wilde Bunch


Meur ras (that's Cornish for thank you) to everyone who attended and we hope to see you next year! Dha weles!

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