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This year, as part of the Cornwall Film Festival, we will bring you 6 programmes of short films!  from filmmakers whose short films manifest stylistic boldness, strength of form, and the ambition to use the medium in a way that resists cliché including award winners from the Cornwall Film Festival short-film competition.

Watching a Movie

Short film at Cornwall Film Festival 2023 

Innovative and adventurous ideas 


The 2023 Awards

We are delighted to announce the 2023 Award winners in Short Films

Best Film - SCALE directed by Joseph Pierce

Best Experimental Film - STEINRUNNI(PETRIFIED) by Chris Paul Daniels, Anton Kaldal Ágústsson (Tonik Ensemble)

Experimental Runner-Up - [paˈljit͡sj] directed by Ania Mokrzycka

Best Cornish Film - ART directed by Ben Kernow

Best South West Film - NOT SURGERY HOURS directed by Tia Salisbury

Best Student Short Film - YOUR GUARDIAN(Čuvam te) directed by Mimi Vlaovic

Student Short Film Runner-Up - FORGOTTEN FORESTS directed by Robyn Dean

Best Screen Stars of Tomorrow - BELLOTA directed by Rosie Moore

Screen Stars of Tomorrow Runner-Up - THE RIFT directed by Tom Allen-Jeffrey

Best Actor - Anastasia Hille in ROSES

Best Ensemble Performance - ROSES directed by Coral Knights

Best Cinematography - MÅNGATA - DOP : Carola Rodríguez Sanchez

Best Screenwritting - YOUR GUARDIAN(Čuvam te) written by Mimi Vlaovic

Best Music - SCALE directed by Joseph Pierce

NEW WAVE JURY WINNER - ANU directed by Pulkit Arora



Expermental film
Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 21.19.23.png

Experimental Film Weekender 

Friday 10th and Saturday 11th November

11 am - 5 pm

Venue -  CMR Project Space,  Redruth.


Dive into a whirlwind of creativity and innovation as filmmakers push the boundaries of storytelling, visuals, and sound. Immerse yourself in a world of thought-provoking narratives, breathtaking visuals, and cutting-edge techniques, all in one weekend.Don't miss this unique opportunity to witness the future of filmmaking at the heart of Cornwall's artistic scene. A packed weekend of screenings, pop up cinema and open studio door & talks


Selected Student Films 2023

THREAD TENSION Directed by Ruby Mastrodimos

Frequency Directed by Zsófia Bujáki

Your Guardian (Čuvam te) Directed by Mimi Vlaovic

Lullaby for the Lost Directed by Tom Potter

Forgotten Forests Directed by Robyn Dean

Yuta Directed by Matheus Malburg

Waiting For Kalki Directed by Nimay Goswami

Bellota Directed by Rosie Moore

The Rift Directed by Tom Allen-Jeffrey

 Showcase of Student Shorts 2023
 Showcase of Student Shorts 2023
15 Nov 2023, 12:00 GMT
The Poly, Falmouth
UK short

Selected Best UK Short Films 2023

I am Kanaka Directed by Genevieve Sulway

Firefly Directed by Anne-Marie Scragg

The Virtual Llama Directed by Tom Cozens

SCALE Directed by Joseph Pierce

Nearly Never Directed by Peter Franklyn Banks

The Ride Directed by Tara Aghdashloo

Safe Space Directed by Isabel Songer

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice! Directed by Anoushka Agarwal


Best UK short film screening 2023
Best UK short film screening 2023
15 Nov 2023, 15:30 GMT
The Poly, Falmouth

Selected International  Short Films 2023


Neo-Dome Directed by Bonnie Discepolo

House of Whoreship Directed by Holly Laura Bates

5 A.M. Directed by Matthew Berberi

MÅNGATA Directed by Maja Costa

Anu Directed by Pulkit Arora

Tomato Kitchen Directed by Junyi Xiao

Morrow Directed by Vladislav Kalensky

a fence is a fence but the clouds move freely Directed by Curtis Miller

PLSTC Directed by Laen Sanches

Wrought Directed by Joel Penner

Selected Cornish & South West Short Films 2023

Croak Directed by Dom Lee

Microwave Directed by Anastasia Bruce-Jones 

PEST Directed by Zoe Ferrier 

Colours in the Air Directed by Louise Brett 

Art Directed by Ben Kernow 

Not Surgery Hours Directed by Tia Salisbury 

We're Still Here Directed by Tom Kirkman 

Roses Directed by Coral Knights

To Feel Alive: Triathlete Directed by James Stuart

SLOW BURN Directed by Tommy Gillard 

The Weight Directed by Susan Lay

Of Sadness and Deceit Directed by Nigel Billing 

Appearance Directed by Adam Drake 

For Good Or Ill, Rain Shall Come Directed by Madelaine Moore

Best of the West
Best of the West 2023
Best of the West 2023
15 Nov 2023, 20:00 GMT
The Poly, Falmouth
Tides of Connection : A Cornwall Waterways Odyssey
Tides of Connection : A Cornwall Waterways Odyssey
19 Nov 2023, 19:30 – 21:30 GMT
The Poly, Falmouth,
24 Church St, Falmouth TR11 3EG, UK
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